Accepting True Results Weight Loss Patients

True Results was my competition for a number of years, and they have closed their doors in Phoenix and Scottsdale. True Results was a company out of Texas, whose name was Advanced Institute for Gastric Banding (AIGB). They leave a lot of people who were banded by them, and so we have offered to take those patients in under our wing. We will adjust their bands, take care of their issues, and provide service for them.

Former True Results patients, please note: If you’re utilizing insurance benefits, you must provide the copy of your original Op Report and the original authorization from the insurance company or services will be considered self-pay.

I was to be True Results surgeon in Phoenix, and had many talks with their CEO about it – going down to Texas in an all-but-done deal. They were going to open offices in Phoenix/Scottsdale, and I spent hours with them finding office space, looking for places to build a surgery center. When I decided that I could not be their surgeon they grabbed a guy who was working in my office, someone I had proctored and trained for the Lap-Band. Seemed a bit underhanded, in a Texas sort of way, but he and I remained friends and collegial throughout.

We were always friendly competition, and we even looked to do things together again in 2010 – but it just wasn’t a good fit. I still liked the people in charge of it, and many of the surgeons with them are good friends to this day.

What I liked about True Results is they advertised heavily, making people aware of the Lap-Band, which remains a great surgical option for people. But the Band became less popular, and they started to offer gastric sleeve surgery (something I have been doing longer than the band) and ultimately they couldn’t sustain their business.

So if you know someone who was banded by them and needs a home to go to, we are happy to see them and help them. Some will need minor adjustments. Some will need to get back-on-track. Some will wish to have their band out and some will wish to convert to a gastric sleeve.

Contact us to make an appointment.