Breakfast: Bad Choices

sugar for breakfastIs breakfast really the most important meal of the day?  Everyone says it is – but let us be realistic – breakfast is not the most important meal of the day.  Many people, when they eat breakfast, end up having dessert for breakfast.  They end up changing breakfast from an important meal to a toxic meal.

Unhealthy breakfast choices
Just because you are eating out – be it at a restaurant, hotel, or on vacation, does not mean you can have dessert for breakfast. Most know they cannot, but that does not stop many people from trying. This is not a good choice.
Why? First, you are starting the day telling your body that it doesn’t need to mobilize fat stores to get fuel, you will supply the fuel for it by what you eat. Plus, since you will be supplying a lot more fuel than the body can burn it will start storing the extra as fat. You know, the stuff you want to get rid of?

So you know that dessert for breakfast isn’t a good idea. Of course, even in hospitals and surgery centers their choices for doctors are meant to tempt us. I took this photo at Noblis Surgery Center in Scottsdale (also known as Northstar).  Perhaps they knew the staff had good insurance and we could do a Lap-Band or Gastric Sleeve on them if they fed them this!

extra calories at breakfast

But Most of the Choices You Think Are Healthy For Breakfast Are Not:

yogurt Contains Way too much sugar

This Yogurt Contains Way too much sugar. Most of them do.


Oatmeal bad for breakfast

Oatmeal: another bad choice.

The Yogurt has more sugar in it than ice cream. In fact is has about the maximum allowable sugar in it.  The oatmeal has about half the total day’s supply of sugar. The Grape Nuts have about 1/3 the day’s supply of sugar. What happens when you start your day off this way?

carbs are killing you

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