Is Your Diet to Blame for Weight Gain?

is your diet making you fatDid you ever wonder why some foods make you fat? I think about this all the time. What foods make a person fat, and what foods can be safe? If you ever wondered about the five myths about weight loss you can read an article I wrote on the topic of weight loss myths and see if it resonates with you.

Mostly it is the diet that makes people fat. They go on one diet after another, and after every diet they regain the weight they lost and then gain some more. Looking for the quick fix – and sometimes finding danger in that fix.

Starvation is just not a good option for most people – this is why the HCG diets don’t work (not to mention that HCG is not the magic people think it is- it isn’t the drops or shots they sell you, it is restricting calories). The body realizes it is starving, and while you can force it to lose weight it will return – and the body then wants to insure you not only regain the weight, but add a bit more for safety against next time.

That is one way of thinking about it – the other is that you get tired of dieting and return to the foods you ate that got you fat in the first place.

So they add a salad, pick up a protein bar, and eat oatmeal for breakfast — which have the opposite effect.

It isn’t a diet that will save you – it is how to change what you eat and how you eat. It is the outlook of change – but more important, finding those foods that you have never eaten before that are new and different and safe.

So how do you cook your vegetables? Did you ever mix the vegetables up with some olive oil, steak seasoning, and then bake them for 15 minutes? Try it!  This works very well with most greens.

This week your challenge is to find some new recipe that you like that is different. For those who want to use their new sous vide I’ve shared my salmon cake recipe with you. I am sure you’ll find them delicious, and fairly easy to prepare. Remember, get in the kitchen, and cook!

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