Eating a Plant Based Diet for Good Health

plant based dietSo this last week the headlines were full of why you should eat more plant proteins. Plant proteins, like lentils.¬†You may have seen the headlines – put away red meat and eat more plants. You may have had your vegan friends toss the headline your way on twitter or Facebook (by the way, I tweet a fair bit, so if you are into Twitter stop by and say “hi”).

If you want a bit more analysis and in depth you can read my blog and see my video here.

For the people in this study, those who didn’t drink too much, were not overweight, and had moderate physical activity – they could eat beef, red meat, and it didn’t matter. Eating plant proteins did not mean the people lived longer, they didn’t.

So if you want a reason to live healthy (defined as those with a BMI between 18.5 and 25, 1 drink per day, 22 minutes of exercise per day) – you will live longer.

There is a reason we do weight loss surgery – and we work to change lifestyle, and I encourage people to walk 10,000 steps a day, and yes- keep the alcohol down to a minimum.

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