How to Eat After Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Terry Simpson talks about obesity, eating habits and learning to cook. from Producergirl Productions on Vimeo.

You’ll be given a very specific surgeon approved post weight loss surgery diet after your procedure. But perhaps the most important information may be the behaviors you should avoid, so that you don’t repeat habits that led to a less than healthy lifestyle. These tips are just the beginning:

The major key to weight loss surgery – the big secret is to learn to cook! Yes- you can cook, you can learn to cook, and you have time to cook.  Not your spouse, not your mom, not your dad, not a restaurant – but you.  Learn flavors, learn the delight of food!  Once you eat great food, that you make, it is like a vaccination against eating the food that got you to be my patient in the first place!

Want to learn to start? Start with learning how to cook Sous Vide – the easiest method every single time. You can make food that won’t over-cook.

Here are a few other guidelines:

  • Do not eat in front of the TV
  • Small bites – nothing larger than a nickle
  • Don’t eat anything with your hands
  • Take your time – twenty bites in twenty minutes. You want to taste and savor the food.
  • Do not read while eating
  • Keep high calorie foods out of the house – junk food – no chips, no sweets.
  • Focus on activities other than eating (exercise, hobbies, music, art, etc.)
  • Get a Withings activity monitor (I like these the best).
  • Keep a food diary and exercise daily
  • No or minimal liquid calories sodas  but COFEE IS OK (just heavy cream in it).

As far as eating, immediately after weight loss surgery, you will need to treat food differently. Enjoy food, make food, savor food – it is to be loved not lost!

Your stomach after weight loss surgery will be like a baby’s stomach – and we will help you so it won’t be so upset.