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Breakfast: Bad Choices

sugar for breakfastIs breakfast really the most important meal of the day?  Everyone says it is – but let us be realistic – breakfast is not the most important meal of the day.  Many people, when they eat breakfast, end up having dessert for breakfast.  They end up changing breakfast from an important meal to a toxic meal.

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Eating a Plant Based Diet for Good Health

plant based diet

So this last week the headlines were full of why you should eat more plant proteins. Plant proteins, like lentils. You may have seen the headlines - put away red meat and eat more plants. You may have had your vegan friends toss the headline your way … [Continue reading]

Success After Weight Loss Surgery

People who weigh themselves weekly lose more weight than those who don't. Simple thing to do, but why does that work? It is a part of accountability. If you weigh yourself then you know if what you did this last week worked or not. You know if you … [Continue reading]

Is Your Diet to Blame for Weight Gain?

is your diet making you fat

Did you ever wonder why some foods make you fat? I think about this all the time. What foods make a person fat, and what foods can be safe? If you ever wondered about the five myths about weight loss you can read an article I wrote on the topic of … [Continue reading]

Can You Afford the Extra Calories?

hidden calories

On a flight to Phoenix this morning, the flight attendant asked me if I wanted a roll. I had to think about if I could afford the snack...not the cost of the roll, but the calories. Have you ever tried to do those mental calculations, on the spot? … [Continue reading]