Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Immediately after your Gastric Sleeve surgery, once you go home, sure that you keep your dressing dry and clean. If your surgeon used glue, it will come off by itself, don’t pick at it. And remember, stick with showers, no baths. 24 hours after your procedure you should be okay to shower.

Once 48 hours passes, you can take non inflammatory drugs for discomfort (aspirin, Aleve, Motrin, Advil). You should be okay to take Tylenol for any paid, but if you experience intense abdominal pain, contact your doctor.
You should not experience shortness of breath or rapid breathing, nor should you have an increased heart rate. If these occur, call your doctor immediately.

Other reasons to contact your doctor would be if you experience bleeding from your incision or have blood in vomit or stool. If you experience nausea or vomiting, or have pain or swelling, get in touch with your physician.

After your Gastric Sleeve surgery you’ll have to adjust to not only eating differently, but also drinking differently. Your first few weeks, your diet might look like this:
Day 1-4 – clear liquids only. Coffee, tea, broth. Use salty broth not low-sodium.
Day 4-28 Full liquids. No food during this time. Just liquids.
Day 28-35 Soft Foods – things like tuna-salad, baby food, puree.

You can speed up your healing by walking after your Gastric Sleeve surgery. Begin with short walks every day, and then slowly as your stamina increases, take longer walks. Patients who follow their surgeon’s recommendations, including diet and exercise, for post op recovery will have a much smoother Gastric Sleeve experience.