How to Care for Your Gastric Sleeve

So you had the  Gastric Sleeve, also known as Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.  You thought all you had to do was get this surgery, eat less, and the surgery would take care of it.  Maybe you didn’t get some great instruction about it- or maybe you want to take this operation and SUPER CHARGE it.  Maybe you think about getting the sleeve but want to know a lot about it first.  Well- this is the course for you!!!

Maybe you tried to “diet” with the sleeve – or maybe you are wondering how often you should eat. Maybe the weight isn’t coming off fast enough and you wonder if you should try that new diet program.

It is Time to Learn to Care and Feed your Gastric Sleeve

I think support is key to learning weight loss – and base that on over 20 years of weight loss surgery and support. You may never have been to a support group – or don’t have the time, or don’t know where they are — or they are boring!  This is a ten week course – offered on line and made from the stuff that works for VSG patients. Who is this course  for? If you have had a VSG (vertical sleeve gastrectomy) and find yourself needing more information. If your weight loss stalled and you are wondering what you can do to get it started.

Get the entire 10 week course for $300 

What do you get when you purchase this course? You will learn the successful strategies of patients who had the sleeve and lost their weight and have kept it off. You will learn how to work with your new stomach so it will help you develop new habits.

It is Also a Support Group

And with every group, you have access to me when you join our special on-line community, along with everyone else who takes the course. In fact – as with our other courses – the online support is often the best part of the course. Yes – we teach you strategies, techniques, and even a few cooking tips like this:

* How you can lose weight without being full

* Eating socially – we all have to do it, but here is how you can get through that

* Special cooking tips for the sleeve – if you had this you know there is some food that has a hard time, but we will fix that

* What snacks can you have that are UNLIMITED

* Menu plans – so you won’t stress what to eat

Go at Your Own Pace

Feeding and caring for your sleeve is a ten week course, designed for you and you can go at your own pace. I will email you the lessons once a week and you can put them into practice as you can.

The course material and videos come in email – and the homework assignments are posted (if you wish) in our special google+ community.

Did You Get Overwhelmed?

Remember the first time you went to your doctors office and got all that information? Had to absorb as much, and now that you have the sleeve you are trying to go back and put it all together so you can work on it? Did you ever google “gastric sleeve support” and find a lot of on-line forums where you get an opinion?  You just want things put together in a way that you can relate?


We present a simple step-by-step program that will help you keep your sleeve, your stomach, your body nourished and learn what real issues are.

Maybe you are worried that the sleeve will stretch out (it can) – and you want to know what to do to avoid that? Maybe you didn’t realize something could get something stuck – and it did, and if you had a band before you are thinking “did I make a mistake?”

This is NOT a Lose Weight Quick Course!

This is a course to teach you the basics of a lifestyle change that will work with your sleeve.

Check it Out:

Here is our general outline for Your Gastric Sleeve (there will also be a few bonus emails along the way):

Basics the Sleeve – YGS01 (why it works, taking advantage of it, and  how we do it)

Menu Planning – YGS02 (how to plan for success with your meals)

Be Healthy – YGS03 (there is only so much room in a sleeve and here is how to fill your stomach  – real food)

Travel with the Sleeve – YGS04 (everyone travels, some a lot for business, and some do it for pleasure. Here you will learn how to travel and have success with the sleeve and how to stay out of trouble)

Proteins and the Sleeve YGS05 (proteins are a key building block, and some proteins are just better than others- examples)

How You Know if You are Full YGS06 (how often to eat, what full really feels like, and don’t stretch your stomach!)

Eating Socially YGS07 –(Be a control freak with your food, and what you eat)

Measuring Activity YGS08 (how being more active is better than joining a gym, and why you should measure it)

Common “Traps” that Keep You at a Weight You Don’t Want YGS09 (there are some things out there that will keep you where you don’t want to be)

It’s the Journey YGS10 (the most exciting part is now you can start this journey- new stuff)

GRADUATE! (no cap and gown, but some fun stuff for you)

Feeding Your Gastric Sleeve – a great course to help you get there.  And if you were ever told, “just eat less” you know that doesn’t work in the long run.  Sign up and take charge of your weight loss success, today!   I promise that we’ve compiled the best strategies and lessons from our most successful patients… and I’m sharing them all with you.


PS. You can make one payment of $300, or break your payments up into 2 payments of $150.