Master Your Lapband

So let’s assume you’ve got a lap-band (or gastric band), and it’s not going as well as you’d hoped for after weight loss surgery. You thought you understood it, but it just is not leading to weight loss. Or, maybe you are having trouble when you travel, or foods are just getting stuck too often. Is it time to master your lapband? Are you ready for better weight loss results?

You may have tried to “diet” with the band – maybe you have even gone back to Weight Watchers. You’ve tried and the weight isn’t coming off. Are you feeling fatigued and frustrated?  Do you need help learning how to maximize your results? Want to get the most out of your weight loss surgery?

Learn to Master the Lapand

Master the Band is the newest course from Southwest Weight Loss. In my surgical practice we have operated on thousands of people, installing bands, and providing after care to countless patients. Weight loss surgery success — it matters! I’m committed to helping all of my patients succeed.  And you know what? You don’t even have to be one of my patients to get the support, strategies and guidance offered in Master the Band.  This online course is open to ANYONE who needs help mastering their lap-band. Learn how to stop struggling, and how to put the band to work for you. 


Get the entire 10 week course for just $300


What do you get when you purchase the course? You will learn how to be successful with the lap-band, and how to lose weight. I will share the lessons and strategies used by those patients who have had great success with their lap-bands.  And I will be sharing MUCH MORE:

  • How you can use your band to lose weight without vomiting (it isn’t suppose to be bandarexia)
  • What you can do when you travel – and come back eating great stuff and still loose weight or maintain the weight
  • How to cook food so it doesn’t give you a problem
  • How to plan menus so that you won’t be in trouble
  • What snacks to eat that you can have unlimited amounts of


With every course you have direct access to me, Dr. Terry Simpson, but you are invited to be a member of an online community, with everyone else who is taking the course. Think of it as on online support group.  Many people shared with us that the on-line support we have provided in the past can be even more valuable than the course itself.

But if you don’t want to participate in the group, and just want to do your homework – that is up to you.


Mastering the band is a ten week course that was designed to be easy to follow, with lessons that are easy to complete.  The only schedule you have to commit to is opening your emailed lessons once a week.

All of the course material comes via email along with the videos. When you choose to do the homework, how you choose to do it, and if you choose to go into the online group and participate is entirely up to you.


Some people think they know their band and their body- but the band isn’t working the way they think it should. Maybe you forgot all the information you received and now want to do something more. Then THIS is the course!

THIS IS NOT LOSE 100 pounds in a Month

If you think this will cause you to lose all your weight this month, you are mistaken. There is real work to be done when changing lifestyle- and this will be working at that core lifestyle.


Here is what you’ll be working on every week, and I will probably throw in a few bonuses.

  • Welcome – MB00
  • Understanding the Band – MB01 (a different way of looking at the band based on what we know today)
  • Menu Planning – MB02 (how to plan for success with your meals)
  • Adjusting the Band – MB03 (how we adjust and what it means and how to know if you need an adjustment)
  • Travel with the Band – MB04 (everyone travels, some a lot for business, and some do it for pleasure. Here you will learn how to travel and have success with the band and how to stay out of trouble)
  • Proteins and the Band –  MB05 (texture, texture, texture – why proteins can get stuck and avoiding that with everything from eggs to chicken –which came first the chicken or the egg? I don’t know, that is another course)
  • Your Stomach is Fooling You, so Fool It –  MB06 (it is all Pavlov’s fault – you think you are full, or you think you can eat more. When is enough more than enough?)
  • Restaurant Eating –  MB07 (we all eat out sometimes. Here is a plan about how to eat, where to eat, and what to do)
  • Troubleshooting the Band  – MB08 (stuck food, reflux, GERD, Night cough – none of them are normal, and what you can do)
  • Band Slips, Port Flips, and Leaks – MB09 (there is a lot of new information out there about issues with the band and what to do about them)
  • The Key to Success – MB10  (here are the simple keys we found for patients who have been successful with the band for five years out)
  • GRADUATION!  (no cap and gown, but some fun stuff for you)

So, if you’re ready to master your band, this is the course for you – brought to you by one of the most experienced lap-band surgeons in Arizona.  I invite you to sign up and take charge of your weight loss, today!


PS.  You can pay all at once, or you can make two payments of $150.  Select the option that works best for you.