Success After Weight Loss Surgery

People who weigh themselves weekly lose more weight than those who don’t. Simple thing to do, but why does that work? It is a part of accountability. If you weigh yourself then you know if what you did this last week worked or not. You know if you are doing OK, or if you need to make a mid course correction.


My favorite scale is from Withings. It will upload the data into your iPhone or Android, integrates well with other apps and it has a watch that integrates with it that will help you keep track of your activity.

My favorite scale from Withings

My favorite scale from Withings

The other habit of successful patients are those who don’t over eat. So there is another scale you should consider – a kitchen scale. Why? Because you don’t need to over-eat the proteins. Many diets over-emphasize proteins, but it is rare to see someone who is protein deficient among my patients. Instead, there is this false idea that you can eat all the protein you want and it won’t count – and that is not true. You don’t need more than 3 ounces of cooked protein (4 ounces uncooked) for lunch or dinner. If you have room for more- then you should have vegetables. So when it comes to food, I recommend you weigh your protein – not your vegetables. On your plate – have as many vegetables as you want.

The more you can measure, the more you can manage.

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